Web Testing using SeqZap

Just in time for christmas we are ready to announce the first release of the new WebDriver tool in SeqZap.

Using the WebDriver tool it is possible to automate web applications/pages using SeqZap.

This is especially important because many products are starting to get connected to the internet and deliver data to a server/cloud, and usually also a web application.

System Integration Testing using SeqZap

By using SeqZap to automate the web application, it is possible to write a test which covers the entire system:

  • Simulating e.g. a temperature change using an analog output
  • Verifying that the embedded system has read the new temperature
  • Verifying that the server/cloud has read the new temperature using SQL or REST.
  • Verifying that the new temperature is shown in the web application.

The new WebDriver tool is available to all SeqZap users if they upgrade to the latest version of SeqZap using the Upgrade/Downgrade dialog.