Data to collect


In all cases it is useful for CIM Software Testing A/S to have a screenshot when the error happens, preferably also a screenshot before the error happens.

Internal Logs

The SeqZap logs directory contains internal logs related to SeqZap.


Because SeqZap appends to the log-files, it can become hard to find where the current log starts and other logs end, to make sure that only logs related to the error is included, please do the following:

This will make sure that only the, hopefully, few log lines related to the error is included.

Execution Log

If the error happens during execution, please make sure that the execution log is included in the failure report – if the error also happens when an HTML report is generated, please also include that report.

Failure Reports

First, clear all the existing failure reports so it can be detected whether producing the error results in failures being reported by doing one of the following options:

  1. Send failure reports by clicking the “Report Failures” button in the Maintenance toolbar, if it is shown:
  2. Use the SeqZap Studio’s Help -> Remove all failure reports menu item to remove all the failure reports without sending them:

Then the error should be reproduced, if the “Report Failures” button is shown it means that reproducing the error produces a failure report, normally this makes it much easier for CIM Software Testing A/S to fix the error.

If the error results in a failure report, please press the “Report Failures” button and report the error to CIM Software Testing A/S, be sure to include the name of your machine to make it easy for us to find the failure report.