Desired project structure

The project structure described will have the following properties:

Be able to re-use Test Cases between different products

Test cases written for one product should be re-usable for products which implement the same functionality without modifying the test case itself.

Be able to re-use Workbenches between projects

The workbench containing a Modbus connection to the Controller should be able to be re-used between the different generations of the Controller.

Be able to re-use a library of general Procedures

Besides re-using the test cases it should also be possible to re-use utility procedures which perform common tasks, for example a procedure which reboots the target and waits for it to finish starting up.

Be able to configure the Workbenches when running using the SeqZap command line interface

We would, of course, like to run our tests automatically as often as possible, so we want to be able to set configuration parameters, for example to select the serial port to use, on the command line.