Selecting procedure

After a Python script file reference is added, it is searched for functions every time the SeqZap parser runs.

This makes it possible to select the functions in the file on the setup page of the Python procedure.

Both the parameters and optional Python “docstring” documentation of the Python function is shown for the selected function.

If the parameters defined by the Python function does not match the parameters defined by the Python procedure in SeqZap, a parser error will be reported:

The parser only considers the name of the parameters, but not the types since Python does not use static typing. The Python procedure in SeqZap will define the types expected and returned by the function.

This also makes it possible to use the same Python function for multiple SeqZap types, for instance, the “avg” Python function above would work equally well for both Integer and Decimal arrays.

An example of this is shown in the File -> Examples -> Python -> PythonDemo.szs example file.