Use SeqZap to automate your software test and save a lot of time in development projects.

For more than just saving time and money

Saving time and money is always important for any company, wheter they are the market leaders or they are economically under pressure. Automating most of the system testing will free the highly skilled developers and testers from the repetitive and labor-intensive work with manual testing. The time savings can be used to shorten the time-to-market, or to perform a much deeper and wider test.

The common tool for test automation and cooperation

SeqZap is very easy to use and is equally targetted software developers and testers, and requires no programming skills. SeqZap is therefore the common tool for all software system testing, giving a much higher degree of cooperation between developers, testers and technicians.

For any maturity level and process

SeqZap is completely independent of the development process and the current maturity level of the development department. SeqZap is both suited for companies using no other QA tools and for those using requirement managent tools, test management tools and continuous integration tools.

Wheter development is done following a traditional process or a modern iterative process, SeqZap is the tool for the always important system testing.

Targetted embedded software systems and more

SeqZap has a very powerful approach to simple data acquisition through different general IO devices and low-level protocols. Controlling and monitoring any of the interfaces of an embedded system makes SeqZap a very strong solution.

While SeqZap is targetted for automating embedded software system testing, its flexible built-in tools for automating web-interfaces (http) and graphical user interfaces also makes it the choise for testing desktop applications.

Easy to learn

It is very eary to learn how to use SeqZap. New users can learn all the basics and create their first test procedures within a single working day due to the straight-forward and intuitive concept and user interface.

The built-in lessons (tutorials) is a very effective jump-start .