Grundfos selects Danish test system worldwide for all future testing

After having used the SeqZap test system for more than a year in the Danish R&D department, the world’s leading pump manufacturer Grundfos are rolling out SeqZap in their R&D departments all over the world, starting with China and India.

SeqZap shortens the development time for new products

With SeqZap, Grundfos now test their pumps continually, instead of at the end of the development cycle. This shortens the development time considerably.

Since many products share the same functionality, the test will be reusable across products. This makes SeqZap a great match for Grundfos’s plan to lower development time for new pumps and reduce their time-to-market significantly.

”SeqZap makes it possible for Grundfos to standardise all our tests in one system. This makes it much easier for us to share test-experience and -competencies across development projects.”
– Gert Frost, Software Delivery Responsible at Grundfos

A growing Market

The need for embedded software test is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Products contain an ever-increasing amount of software to satisfy the consumer’s needs for intelligent products. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) wave, means that the coming years will see an explosion in products which communicate over the Internet. At the same time, increased competition means that the industry must develop products faster to accommodate the consumers’ expectations for more intelligence. This explosion in product complexity will lead to a significant increase in the need for testing a product before releasing it.

CIM Software Testing A/S

CIM Software Testing is the company behind the test system SeqZap. CIM Software Testing is a company in the CIM group, which supply the industry with technical solutions and consulting.


SeqZap is the first test system which focuses primarily on embedded software test.

For more information, please contact

Managing Director, Lasse Damsø Pedersen, e-mail:, phone: +45 28 10 02 36

Software Test Professional, Rasmus Toftdahl Olesen, e-mail:, phone: +45 22 46 24 91

Download the Press Release as PDF

Download the Press Release as PDF (in danish)