Automating Skype using SeqZap’s Windows Automation Tool

SeqZap’s built-in Windows Automation Tool can be used to automate almost any Windows application running on a PC.

The Windows Automation Tool uses the Windows Accessiblity interface to interact with- and automate the application under test. This means that almost anything running on Windows can be automated since almost all programming environments (.net, Java, Borland, etc.) has built-in accessibility support.

The first video shows just how pervasive the accessiblity interface is in Windows. It shows how both the Start button, and the rest of the Windows “Shell”, can be seen by the Element Spy panel. It also looks at the user interface of Skype as an example of an application under test.

The next video shows how SeqZap can be used to automate interactions with the Windows user interface by writing a short script to click the Windows start button.

Finally the Windows Automation Tool will be used to automate Skype by writing a script which:

  • Initiate a call to the Echo / Sound Test Service using Skype
  • Wait 5 seconds for the call to go through
  • Hang-up the call

Thank you for reading and watching this introduction to the Windows Automation tool.

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