Sequanto Automation Arduino Tool

The Arduino family of embedded boards are an easy and low-cost way of getting started with embedded software.

It is also useful as a simple data acquisition/generation device for use in tests.

SeqZap includes a simple textual protocol called the “sequanto automation protocol” which is supported by the Automation Tool included with SeqZap.

The standard implementation of the sequanto-automation-protocol is open source under the Apache 2.0 license, and can be found here:

The video below shows how the automation tree can be read inside SeqZap.

The sequanto-automation implementation includes the “Sequanto Automation Arduino Tool” which is a plugin for the Arduino IDE to make it easy to add new functions and properties to Arduino code and have them automated by SeqZap.

The video below shows how a “multiply” function to multiply two integers are added and made automate-able.

Installing the “Sequanto Automation Arduino Tool” is as easy as extracting a .zip-file in the Arduino directory, it is all documented in the Automation Tool’s manual.